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Luna Craft

If you are looking for something new to spice up your Second Life, we would like to suggest you to try “Luna Craft”, another step of evolution to bring you to a
pleasant interactive moment in your Second Life experiance.

Let’s imagine that avatars become livelier than ever as they require foods to fill their bellies and drinks to kill their thirst.

The Luna Craft Roleplay Enhancement System is a Master Piece with various options and tools that include hunting, farming, fishing, logging, mining,
RP Combat with spells and skills, Tournament Mode for equal fighting, Crafting, Quests and more!

  • A total of 60 material types, 10 level types, 6 stats, many spells/skills.

  • You will enjoy the Luna Craft Hud as it serves you in aiding with adventurous and natural living Roleplays.

Crafting Stations and other Sim Environment items can be used by all players SL wide and can be used to attract other Luna Craft players to your Sim.

Ask about our 5% Affiliate Vendor to help spread Luna Craft to your Sim and make some change.

You will feel your vivid character, desiring for food and refreshment such as delicious Karuni Cake, Vintage Wine, Roast boar, Ale, and much more.

Luna Craft fulfills your desires to plant and cook your own food, while practicing practical magic requiring components for spells.

Hunt Newts, Moose, Boars, Spirits to gather the ingrediants you need for cooking and casting.
Many races to choose from and customizable character design.

Train and use your divine power either to be a Witch/Warlock enjoying the dark arts to enslave and torture or the Light of Luna to cure and assist
people, or choose to be a Vampire feeding from the Mortal flocks.

Whatever your selection is, you must do daily routine to keep your life’s power so you need to be sociable and spend time sensibly,
and you will certainly spend Second Life without getting bored.

Luna Craft features Worn Api items such as Full sets of Clothing from Harlow LittleBoots shop Virtual Whimsy, and Weapons by Absinthe Mirabella shop Abuca Weapons.
You can also craft other Jewelery and accesories items to give you and your friends a boost of power.

Worn Api items come with two features a passive boost to stats
as well as activating the ability to use a new or current skill or spell without the need for spell components.

SteamPunk themed design Crafting Stations from
Lillith Reanimators Demon Designs,
used to craft the materials you have collected into the foods you eat,
the accesories you wear, and the tools you use.

Another benefit to become a Luna Craft’s member is you can roleplay to make friends and connections in Psycho Misfit's Region.
It’s a very good opportunity on trading materials and enjoy Roleplay Experiances.

Whether you are a new player to Second Life or a well aged player all are welcome to join Psycho Misfits and Luna Craft.

A rental in Psycho Misfit Region results in getting Luna Craft Tools and Seeds free as a rental bonus.

Luna Craft is inspired by the Lady Moon known as Luna Goddess, who created and managed the nature of the Luna Craft world.

It’s the legend of charming mystery which is worth giving a try especially with the amazing price.

Luna Craft is looking forward to welcoming you all to join the unlimited extraordinary world!